Anan Translations offer the most comprehensive proofreading service available our proofreading service includes the analysis of content, organization, coherence, tone, and style of text. We also double check for any spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors. Always be sure that your documents are free of any spelling, grammatical and syntax errors.

Proofreading is different from editing in that it involves reviewing your document to ensure correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and basic style.

Our proofreaders check the translated material with the original text, as well as review the text according to your company’s guidelines. And we’ll go that extra length for you when it comes to making sure that you’re material is perfect



Editing prepares a written work for publication. Our Editors check accuracy, consistency, word choice, writing style and spelling errors. While a writer may accept, negotiate or reject individual edits, the efforts of our editor always enhance the final product.

Our editors come from diverse backgrounds, such as marketing and journalism, and offer practical guidance when crafting your message for your target audience.


  • Check spelling
  • Check punctuation
  • Check grammar
  • Highlight all edits
  • Check Structure and style
  • Check Logic, relevance, clarity
  • Check Consistency in terminology, italicization, etc.

As a client, you have no need to worry, because Anan Translations will provide you best Proofreading and Editing for sure.