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Legal Translation Service in India

Legal translations is the translation of texts within the field of law. As law is a culture-dependent subject field, the work of legal translation and its products are not necessarily linguistically transparent.

The term legal translation refers to the translation of any text used within the legal system. As documents used for legal purposes are generally required to be submitted in the official language of a relevant jurisdiction the term can encompass a wide variety of texts including, but not limited to, witness statements, legal rulings and precedents, filed patents, transcripts, official reports, financial documents and identity documentation. A wide variety of other sources of information can also be subject to legal translation depending on their contextualised relationship to legal proceedings. For example the Will and testament of an expatriate may be subject to translation into the language of the jurisdiction in which they have died in order for a probate lawyer to begin the process of executing the instructions contained therein. Generally legal translation services are only undertaken by those with specialist knowledge as mistranslations, especially of contracts, can carry significant financial and legal consequences.

The means of regulating legal translators vary from country to country. In many countries specific degrees are offered in Legal and Business Translation. Some states (such as Argentina and Brazil) require the use of state-certified public translators whilst a majority of states, including Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands stipulate that legal translators swear legal oaths and are centrally regulated and examined in order to ensure proficiency and good practice (this is also known as a sworn translation). Furthermore other legislations (such as Italy) require legal translations to be notarised (i.e. certified) by a relevant legal professional.

On the other hand sometimes the United States and the United Kingdom do not strictly require accreditation in order for an individual to carry out a translation intended for usage in a legal context, this does depend on case to case and our company does provide certificates of accuracy on request. In countries such as these the lack of central regulation is offset by independent bodies (or trade associations) that offer their own qualifications and membership as a means of accreditation that serves as a benchmark of quality. Other certifications that should be mentioned include our own certification (A Certificate of Accuracy) and Apostille which is a stamp acknowledging that the notarisation has been completed by a registered Notary Public.




  • Diverse Specialties: Anan legal translation teams around the world and the United States span a wide range of fields and specializations, from corporate, environmental and pharmaceutical law to bankruptcy, immigration and labor.
  • Free Document Certification: Anan Translations will be happy to provide document certification service at no additional cost, in English, your target language, or both.
  • In-Country Specialists: Our legal translation teams are on the ground in their respective countries, practicing law and translating legal documents, giving them intimate knowledge of the legal environment. In short, our teams are always improving upon their legal translation skills. We select people who strive for excellence in their legal translations services.
  • Experience: Anan legal translators have a minimum of five years experience translating for the legal field. At our company, we only work with established, professional legal translators. Our clients deserve legal translation service of the highest quality!
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