Medical Translation

Medical translations is the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields.

Anan Translation specializes in medical translation services and can expertly translate your health, wellness, and life science documents. We provide accurate and timely translations of medical consent, medical device, and other health care documents into more than 100 languages. We also specialize in biomedical, biotechnical, and pharmaceutical translation services.

Here are some examples of the documents we provide medical translation services for:

·         Patient instructions

·         Informed consent forms (ICF)

·         Signs

·         Flyers

·         Product manuals

·         Literature

·         Medical records

·         Clinical reports

·         Clinical studies

·         Insurance claims

·         User guides

·         Lab tests

·         Patient information

·         Leaflets

·         Patient questionnaires

·         Case report forms (CRF)

·         Regulatory documents

·         Medical journals

·         Medical reports

·         Training manuals

·         Package inserts and labels

·         Clinical protocols

·         Drug registration documentation

·         Dossiers

·         Health and safety reports

·         Clinical trials

·         Data sheets

·         Contracts

·         Instructions for use (IFU)

·         Toxicology reports

·         Medical histories

·         Hospital discharge summaries

·         Installation manuals

·         Operating manuals

·         Patents




Our medical translators and editors are not just linguistic experts. We utilize physicians, interns, medical students, pharmacists, biotechnologists, and other similarly experienced translators and editors for our medical document translation.

All of the linguists we use for medical translation services are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreements. Our translators are sensitive to the nature of this industry and fully respect doctor-patient confidentiality and medical/pharmaceutical/technical work-product privileges.

In order to maintain the highest quality of medical translation services, we follow a 3-step quality process. Contact Anan Translation today and let us become your preferred medical translation agency.