Certified Translation

Anan Translations provides certified translation too. A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete as per the original document. Normally, certified  translation is needed  when a  candidate is  supposed to  submit his  or her documents  for any official reasons to any foreign office or embassies  while  applying for visa  for the purpose of immigration to other countries  or for  admission in foreign  colleges etc.

We provide Translator’s Certification as well in case of Canadian Immigration as it is required by Canadian Embassy.

 Certified translation consists of the following three parts.

1)        Print out of original document (stamped and signed by us).

2)       Print of translation (Certified by us having stamp and signature).

3)     We  provide  certified  translation  on the  letterhead  with proper certification  and putting  stamps following  the all procedure of certifying a document in order to be valid and accepted in legal authorities  or  embassies.

Anan Translations provides a great facility that you do not have to visit our office to avail our Certified Translation Service. You can just email us scanned copy of your original document and we will email you soft copy of translation and will send the hard copy via courier.

So it does not matter where you are in India or anywhere in the world Anan Translations provides you its services at your place any time.